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Mama bear real estate

Care that feels like a hug but protects you like armor.

When I say I'm your real estate BFF, I don't just mean I hold your hand from day one to closing day - I mean I do everything in my power to find opportunities for you to seize profits and fiercely negotiate on your behalf, all while making real estate more accessible, understandable, and gratifying. As your real estate advocate, I want you to leave the transaction feeling like you just won an all-inclusive vacation to the Maldives - not like you barely survived a 90% off Black Friday sale at Toys-R-Us. 

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The Ashley Arthur


What's the most important thing when it comes to serving your clients?

Caring for them the same way I would family.


What four words describe your approach to real estate representation?

Attentive. Tenacious. Fun-loving. Personal.



How do you deal when a transaction gets hard or hits a snag?


Look for the win-win in a tough situation


Cuddle my therapy whippets Pepper & Jack


Talk through all possible solutions


All of the above, plus a good battle cry

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Tell me all about it, friend.

I want to get to know YOUR story...seriously.

To me, "personal service" means a lot more than getting to know your kid's names or plugging your birthday into my calendar. It means getting to know exactly how you want your relationship with real estate to grow, what personal goals are leading financial decisions, and exactly how much you're going to need to tuck away to pay for your daughter's Ivy League education (or that dream sailboat). I pride myself on understanding how real estate can help you manifest lifestyle milestones - and then helping you get there.

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