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Moving can be a simultaneously exciting and exhausting experience and it's our job to make sure you get through it with the least amount of stress as you look forward to what's next. As your home sale specialist (and home-sprucing-gurus), we'll guide you on how to best prepare your home for the market and protect your profits as we negotiate you to closing day. If you're buying something new in the area, we'll work hard to make your transition between homes seamless or connect you with excellent resources for relocation when moving states.

Here are three main milestones we'll tackle together while selling your home:

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"Ashley is a crucial asset. I was fortunate to have her help in both selling a home with a co-owner, and buying my first home on my own. Ashley was always professional and went above and beyond to make sure I had the knowledge and resources I needed. She made magic happen and was dedicated to making sure I got the price I needed, and the place I wanted. I love my new home, and so happy to have had such a seamless experience with Ashley as my house whisperer."

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your home

for the market

Properly preparing your home for potential buyers is an essential first step for three main reasons. 1) It minimizes the amount of time your home is likely to sit on the market. 2) It maximizes the profit you'll likely garner from the home. 3) It can reduce the amount of repairs requested and potential snags your home may hit during the transaction. While we can always sell a home "as is", taking the time to assess and address the care your home needs to be structurally and visibly appealing goes a long way toward making the process enjoyable and profitable. As practiced professionals, we'll evaluate what's needed and let you know where your highest ROI lies.

Imost cases, your home will be viewed and toured by multiple potential buyers - and in this competitive market, it's even possible you'll receive multiple offers at once.  Ensuring a smooth real estate transaction is all about choosing the right buyer match for your home. That means someone who's willing to pay you what your home is worth and someone whose terms match your needs on items like personal property (what stays in the home and what goes), closing date, possession date, contingencies, earnest money, and more. We'll carefully review each items of the contract to make sure you're getting the best possible deal to use as a springboard for your next move.

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the right

buyer match

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you to

the finish line

Managing preparing, photographing, listing, and marketing your home is a big part of how we set you up for success, but procuring a stellar offer is only half the battle. Once we have you in contract, it's our job to make sure your transaction goes smoothly from the moment they sign to the moment you hand over the keys. That means helping you negotiate, coordinate, and manage any agreed upon home repairs, ensuring contingencies and contract addendums are met, and overseeing the smooth transition of ownership. As your fierce advocates, we'll handle every detail to closing and beyond so you can relax and dedicate your attention to moving on.

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